Orange Glazed Lamb Chops

Makes 2 servings. 15 minute cook time.

Goes great with, I dunno, nothing, it's amazing on it's own.


  • 6 lamb chops

  • 10-15 baby carrots

  • 3 oranges (1 with strips of zest removed, juice of all 3)

  • 8 cloves garlic

  • bunch fresh thyme


  1. Score fat and season lamb chops with salt and pepper

  2. Put chops skin side down in pan on med-high heat to render the fat and crisp up (~5 min)

  3. Add carrots and garlic to the pan

  4. Flip chops onto their sides and cook about 2 minutes on each side

  5. Add thyme and peeled orange zest strips and toss for about 30 seconds (until fragrant)

  6. Remove chops to a plate to rest

  7. Add orange juice to pan and let juice bubble and cook down to a glaze

  8. Return chops to pan and quickly toss with carrots, garlic and orange glaze

This recipe is adapted from Jamie Oliver's Sticky Lamb Chops recipe (Jamie Oliver)