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Chez Slivon's Mission Statement

The idea of Chez Slivon came from my innovative (and ever so slightly obsessive compulsive) wife. She got used to not eating the same food too often (spoiled right?), so we had to come up with a repertoire and when I say had to, basically I would throw recipes at her until she said yes that sounds good and we haven’t had it in a while….yes, I am a patient man.

Seeing that we are both world travellers, we have recipes from all over the globe. The name you ask? It came from both of our names combined, jumbled up maybe. It had a nice ring to it so we went with it.

We wanted to come up with a recipe website where we could just search an ingredient (magnifying glass at top right) that is either in season or on special (gotta be on a budget when you add a baby to your family unit) and it would list some recipes for us. You can also search the indexes (left-hand sidebar) if dead set on a recipe.

Our recipes won’t have a history of why we chose it or how we met or why it’s dear to our hearts… the recipes here are the ones we like the most, are easy and fast to make, period. No ads, no sponsors, so this website is purely for us and people who might enjoy it, but we won’t say no to donations or gifts ;)

We’d love to hear from you, email us at with any comments, feedback or share any recipes you’ve enjoyed and would like to submit using this form.